April 4, 2018

Frut-O Ice Pop Sticker Competition

Thank you to all who participated in our huge FrutO! Ice Pop Sticker Competition!   It has been absolutely amazing!  Lots of prizes for the winners!

Big congratulations to the winners!

We appreciate all of your entries.

Here’s what they say about Frut-O Ice Pops ~

Best ever ice pops.  I have to have a bag in the freezer all the time for my great nephews – Erin Wild

They are adorable! Definitely a good treat for the kids – Beka

Best ice blocks ever yummy – Darryl N Trish

Only ice pops my kids will eat – Nyla

I got four packs last week for the kids and they are nearly all gone lol – Leanne

Just bought 3 packs yesterday my kids love them. I bought a different brand last time as yours were sold out at my store and my kids hated the other ones and made me promise to buy yours again this time ❤ – Kelly Anne

Mum still buys those as a treat for the grandkids who still love them and they’re all teenagers! ????? – Tracey

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