March 25, 2019

New luscious Oki Doki Caramelicious Brownie on the shelves!

The growth in demand for our Oki Doki easy snacking, single fun bars are rising.  Our luscious Oki Doki Caramelicious Brownie bars were introduced at the end of last year and started the distribution across New Zealand as we entered the New Year of 2019.

The new superb addition of Crunch, Crispy Brownie Biscuit with Belgian Dark & Milk Chocolate and goey Caramel will definitely tick your taste buds.

The demand for new flavour is attributed to the success of the original flavours, Oki Doki Disco BitsOki Doki Cookies & Cream BarOki Doki Chocolate Cookie Bar and Oki Doki White Disco Bits Bars.

We are excited for all the Oki Doki Fun Bars readily available to consumers having different flavours to choose from.