Our Mission


♦♦♦  It is our mission to make the life of our consumers more joyful thru offering our tasty and healthy products at affordable prices.  To employ a team of happy people and grow together with them.


Our Vision


♦♦♦  To become one of NZ’s favourite brands

Who we are

In 2002 husband and wife, Dmitry and Tania, started Universal Trade based in Auckland, New Zealand. Together they have a combined experience of more than 20 years in the FMCG industry in Europe as well as another 15 years in the New Zealand FMCG industry.

Through hard work and determination, Universal Trade quickly became a fast growing importer, distributor & wholesaler of high-quality chocolates, confectionery and snack foods in New Zealand. With our innovative approaches and passionate team, Universal Trade has seen rapid growth year upon year and have built an outstanding portfolio of well-known consumer brands which include Oki-Doki, Frut-O, Anitin, Wellaby’s and a range of seasonal confectionary brands.

Universal Trade today, has offices in New Zealand & Australia. We trade with all big retail chains in New Zealand as well as supply wholesalers in the Australian and Pacific countries (Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Tonga and Samoa). We continuously strive to be innovative and look to build on an already established team that exudes passion, determination and confidence for our products and the industry. With a little bit of Kiwi ingenuity and the sourcing of real ingredients, we create products that are adored by Kiwi families and the future generations to come. We are extremely proud of our outstanding portfolio of brands.  Our team and people that support our products, we will continue to push boundaries to exceed all expectations.

  • 800+ Happy Clients800+ Happy clients
  • 15 Awards4 Community Support
  • 30+ Employees30+ Employees

What we do

Universal Trade have four main brands; Oki-Doki, Frut-O, Anitin and Wellaby’s. We have built strong relationships and distribute our products with all big retail chains in New Zealand (Progressives, Foodstuffs, The Warehouse, Farmers & Whitcoulls and more!).

The Oki-Doki name originated from a popular Kiwi saying that’s represents happiness and enjoyment. The Oki-Doki range includes traditional Kiwi favourites such as a range of different biscuits, confectionery, snack foods and lots more. While Frut-O sell a range of quality fruit flavoured ice-pops that have a refreshing taste and bursts with flavour. Frut-O is the market leader in ice-pops and blows away the competition with quality of the product at affordable prices.

Anitin bakery is a renowned manufacturer of traditional Spanish toasts and pastries that are baked with love for consumers who enjoy these delicious snacks. Our Anitin breads already come oven baked and are vegan and vegetarian friendly that have real flavour with real ingredients. Wellaby’s is a specialised range of crackers and pita chips that are gluten free, but are unique as the quality of the product allows it to have flavour like no other product. These healthy snacks are packed with delicious flavours. All of our brands specialise in a range of different categories, and allow us to connect with different consumers and markets. We constantly look for new opportunities to change the way people consume products and be a game changer in the market.