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New Zealand importer & distributor of extensive range of premium Belgian chocolates, biscuit, lunch bars, snacks, quality confectionery, pastry, delicatessen goods  and everyday grocery lines from around the globe.

Some of the Brands what we Exclusively Represent...
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The most popular products

Each box contains 10 individual bags in four irresistible flavors in one box - chocolate, raspberry, strawberry and vanilla. The biscuits are crunchy with a soft cream inside. Excellent choice for lunch pack! Delicious taste and very playful design will make kids love them!
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One of the most popular products is our high quality LOW SUGAR EL ALMENDRO CEREAL BARS in three amazing flavors!

The Apple Bars contain oats, wheat flour, corn flakes, rice flour, apple and nuts. Delicious taste with smooth ingredients.
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The Red Berries Bars contain oats, wheat flour, corn flakes, rice flour, strawberry, raspberry, natural vegetable and fruit extracts, and nuts. Delicious taste with smooth ingredients.
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The Dark Chocolate Bars contain oats, wheat flour, corn flakes, rice flour, real chocolate, cocoa, chocolate powder, and nuts. Delicious taste with healthy dark chocolate and smooth ingredients.
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One of our most popular product is the DANESITA BAKED COOKIES in three amazing flavors.

The Apple Strudel Cookies contains Apple, Cinnamon and Raisins. Traditional and delicious taste with real fruits.
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The Brownies contain real chocolate chips and cocoa mass to increase the best taste for a traditional brownies.
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The Chocolate Chip cookies baked from 40% of real chocolate and traditional pastry base.

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Our newest Frut-O! Ice Pops Promotion has started on November 3rd, 2014 and will run until May 1st, 2015. Right in time for New Zealand summer! Keep cool and participate in fun! Hundreds of weekly prizes are up for grabs! Main Prize Draw is on May 1st, 2015 - you don't want to miss tat! Attention for families with school-aged kids - you can nominate your school to win one of our three donations of $5,000; $2,000 or $1,000. The top three schools with the biggest number of nominations will win the respective prizes! Go to
for more info. Read here for Terms and Conditions.

Our Customers Say...
"...We were talking how you have the best customer service of all our suppliers this year. Your attention to detail and follow up has been excellent. Thanks for your help."
Tania and Trevor Newman, Prego Gifts, Auckland

Our Suppliers Say...
"Universal Trade provides excellent distribution and marketing services in New Zealand. The staff deals professionally with every business opportunity and bureaucratic procedure, and provide accurate feedback and timely information so that effective decisions can be made. As exporters located thousands of miles away, for us it's priceless when we can trust people that know what they're doing."
Pablo Barcia, Delaviuda Alimentacion, Spain 
Our Consumers Say...
"You guys ROCK!! Loving my Kids Kricket Kit!! Its just the thing we needed for the up and coming long summer days once again THANKS SOOOO MUCH!! (i never win anything so this is pretty cool)"
Paula Carter, winner of Oki-Doki Fun Bar s Promotion

"Just brought your bars for the first time - the hokey-pokey milk bars. Must say very impressed and will be back to try out the other flavours"
Nicole Murdoch

"Hi There! I got given in a present a box of yummy, amazing cream cookies (felt like the cookie monster - my family and I have devoured the lot!!) and I wondered where i could get more - I live in Auckland. They are just delicious, and so practical for school lunches, work lunches, and the 3 o'clock blues :)... Thanks so much,"
Amy Johnson

"I never comment on products, but I have to report that I have just discovered your digestives at the local (Thames) Pak’n Save. They are an excellent product and incredible value!!! Wonderful - I am a convert - just make sure that they keep them on their shelves - difficult I know!"
(ref: Oki Doki Crunchy Crackers Digestives 400g)
Bill Barclay
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