September 17, 2017

Giving back to our community

We have made a commitment to ourselves over the years to give back to communities whether it’s through promotions or sponsorships. We are proud to say that over the years we have given away more than $100,000!  We know the importance and value of our loyal consumers and customer base and want to support those that have made us a successful and rapidly growing business.

A couple of highlights from past promotions was giving away a Suzuki Swift & a fully funded trip for a family to the Gold Coast! We always get inspired when we meet and see families that have supported us and listen to their stories. It reminds us of our mission to deliver happiness to families.

Thanks to everyone that has been on our journey with us or taken part in any singular promotions or sponsorships that we have done over the years!  Your feedback or testimonies are important to serve you better!  Moving forward we will continue our mission of delivering happiness to families by giving back to those that have supported us over the years.

We have got more exciting things to watch our page. Thank you!